One of the primary objectives of The Haiti Collective is to facilitate partnerships between North American churches with churches in Haiti.  THC anticipates being a network hub of stateside partnering churches who collaborate together in encouraging, assisting, and resourcing indigenous church planting efforts in Haiti.

The network in Haiti consists of gospel-centered Baptist churches under the leadership of Pastor Odanis Joseph.  Right now, there are churches in 13 cities across Haiti, including Port-au-Prince, Saint-Marc, Port-de-Paix, Cap-Haitien, Gonaives, Desarmes, Borel, L’Estere, La Chapelle, Verrettes, and Nacafe.  Most of these are new churches planted by Pastor Joseph, while a couple have affiliated with his network for revitalization and fraternal support and training.

What does a partnership entail?

The Haiti Collective discovers partners in North America who desire to come alongside a church plant in Haiti.  One a church and city is determined, plans are implemented for a short-term mission trip in which the leadership (and members) of a partnering church have the opportunity to serve with and among the Haitian church for 6-10 days.  During this time the stateside partner will discover:

  • How to pray specifically for the vision and mission of the church
  • The leadership of the church and their ministry needs (spiritually, theologically, financially, etc.)
  • Their ministry among orphan children in their community (and whether they run and orphan school and/or a orphanage)
  • Opportunities to share the gospel in the community individually and corporately
  • Practical needs of the church, including tools, resources, supplies, and equipment
  • Ways to invest in the development of sustainable and reproducible forms of micro-business for men and women in the church
  • Construction possibilities whether for relief or developmental purposes
  • Other forms of assistance, including theological education, medical/dental clinics, water purification, orphan food distribution, etc.

After the partnering church has the opportunity to minister with the church in Haiti, a formal partnership can be forged that will include any or all of the items mentioned above as well as possibly sending mid-term and long-term missionaries in the future.

How will The Haiti Collective Assist in the Partnership?

The Haiti Collective primarily assists in the areas of communication and administration between the partnering churches.  Our goal is to provide delivery systems and efficient processes to accomplish the desired goals of each partnership.  Such systems and processes include travel planning, cargo shipping, field personnel, and trip logistics.

Additionally, The Haiti Collective will help schedule ministry opportunities for other churches who would like to assist in the same given area.  For instance, a large construction project in one church may require the assistance of several churches who consecutively invest in the work through building on one another’s efforts in their short-term mission efforts.  Other partners may have skills or experience in needed areas that they may be able to train or assist other partners, thereby sharing best practices of empowering and equipping Haitian churches to minister faithfully and effectively in their respective contexts.

Partnering in Haiti

Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, Florida –> Desarmes

Grace Baptist Church has partnered with the church in Desarmes since January 2011.  Since this time, they have sent a team to lead in the construction of their new church building and orphan school as well as host a Bible conference on the gospel.  Future needs include the construction of pews for the church and orphan beds, the acquisition of land adjacent to the church, and the construction of an orphanage which will house 50-75 children.

Christ Fellowship Church, Bowling Green, Kentucky –> Saint-Marc

Christ Fellowship has partnered with the church in Saint-Marc since June 2011.  Since that time, they have sent a team to train church leaders in biblical ecclesiology, lead in evangelistic services, participate in street evangelism, and educate orphan children.  Future plans are in the works about a major project which will include the expansion of the current church building and the construction of an orphanage which would house 75-100 children.  In addition to these plans, Christ Fellowship has provided financial assistance to the pastor for a rental house.

2 Responses to Partnerships

  1. Sheliah Clark says:

    I understand that a church cannot be a member of the Haiti Collective if they donate less than $5000.00. Is this true?

    • Hi Sheilah,

      There is a process that we have established for churches to become partners with The Haiti Collective. This includes a vision trip, partnership packet, and establishing a relationship with one of our Haitian churches. The partnership includes theological consensus, alignment in philosophy of mission, investment in financial investment, and commitment in missional praxis.

      To your question, we take each church on a case-by-case basis. We have churches partnering with us from the size of 50 to over 2,000. Our interest is to partner with churches who are happy to work together under the same understanding of our mission, vision, and outcome. If your church is interested in partnering, please let us know.

      Tim Brister,
      The Haiti Collective

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