Orphan Care

All of the churches in Haiti are involved in caring for orphans.  Though not all of them have orphanages (providing full-time housing and meals), all of them host an orphan school where children are educated and providing a meal (or two) for free. Currently, there are orphanages in Port-au-Prince, Saint-Marc, and Desarmes.

One of the early objectives was to provide a means by which all the orphan children could be guaranteed at least one meal a day through our network of churches in Haiti.  Grace Baptist Church has underwritten the expenses for the food supply, and Pastor Joseph has set up a bulk acquisition plan and delivery system so that every child receives adequate nourishment and care, followed up with evaluation and assessment.

Orphans are not only provided meals, but they are also provided free education opportunities through the churches.  Each school has a principal and orphan school teachers.  The Haiti Collective assist the schools with necessary supplies, including uniforms, notebooks, pencils, etc.

Several of the orphan schools are hoping to develop into fully functioning orphanages.  While some orphans are able to stay in the homes of church members, several are forced to live outside the local church community, making them vulnerable to many negative and potentially dangerous influences.  By providing orphanages, children are not only provided physical safety and security, they are also protected spiritually and provided an environment where they can be nurtured in the knowledge of God.

If you would like to prayerfully consider providing support specifically for Orphan Care, we have made it as easy as possible for you to begin doing just that.  You can choose to give a one-time gift, or you can choose to give several times throughout the year.  Whatever works with your budget.  Start changing a Haitian orphans life today –

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