Mission Trips

September 2010

Our first mission trip was primarily a vision trip where Pastor Tim Brister, along with a another church member, toured Haiti visiting the churches, orphanages, and orphan schools in the network of churches under the leadership of Pastor Odanis Joseph.  The cities we visited included Port-au-Prince, Saint-Marc, Borel, Duval, La Chapelle, L’Estere, Verrettes, Desarmes, Port-de-Paix, Gonaives, and Nacafe (on the island of La Gonave).  During this vision trip, it became clear that a partnership in mission was being birthed between Grace Baptist Church and Pastor Joseph.

After assessing the greatest and most urgent needs of the churches, it became evident that rebuilding the church structures in Desarmes would be our first priority.

January 2011

Our second mission trip involved 11 men of Grace Baptist Church, including two pastors (Tom Ascol and Tim Brister), and the purpose was twofold: (1) host a nation-wide pastoral conference on the nature and centrality of the gospel, and (2) rebuild the church building in Desarmes that was destroyed in the earthquake (and in which Pastor Joseph’s father died).  Over 50 church leaders from 16 cities across Haiti attended the conference held at Le Xaragua Hotel as Pastors Tom and Tim taught nine sessions on the nature, implications, and centrality of the gospel.  Together with 30+ Haitian workers, the team also constructed a new building in Desarmes that could house 200 people in gathered worship.

Some work remains to be done, including the building of an orphanage and building of pews and orphan beds.  Plans are to complete these additional works in the near future.

June 2011

Our third mission trip was a pivotal moment in The Haiti Collective because we had our first partnering church join us on mission in Haiti.  Christ Fellowship Church of Bowling Green under the leadership of Pastors Lance Parrott and Jody Sledge took a team of seven to serve on mission in Saint-Marc, Haiti.  This trip included teaching orphan children in the morning, evangelizing in the community with street teams, holding a six-session mini-conference on biblical ecclesiology for 20+ ministry leaders, and hosting five evangelistic services in the evening.  This trip was the first exclusively focused on one local church and included everything from orphan care, theological education of ministry leaders, evangelism in the community, and evangelistic rallies in the evening.

January 2012

Our fourth mission trip focused on two major training opportunities: pastors and the youth of Haiti.  A team of six pastors from across the US spent a week in Haiti to continue the work of The Haiti Collective.  The first two days was a network-wide training conference for pastors, deacons, and orphan school directors on the subject of Suffering and the Sovereignty of God (held in Jeffel Hotel just south of Saint-Marc).  This conference covered 8 teaching sessions and four Q&A periods.  Over 65 leaders attended this conference.  The second two days was a youth conference held in Desarmes, Haiti on the subject of “the gospel-centered life.”  In addition to the training, we provided the first installment of Libere 2012 with 110 Sawyer Point One Filtration Systems to the 13 churches and visited the orphan work  in Port-au-Prince, Duval, and Verrettes for potentially new church partnerships.

Future Mission Trips

May 18 – June 2, 2012 | Bethel Baptist Church (Owasso, OK) – Completed!
June 19-25, 2012 | Christ Fellowship Church (Bowling, Green, KY) – Completed!
July 23-30, 2012 | Grace Baptist Church (Cape Coral, FL) – Completed!
July 30 – August 6, 2012 | The Journey Church (Lebanon, TN) – Completed!
December 12-17, 2012 | Open Door Baptist Church (Tuscaloosa, AL)

1 Response to Mission Trips

  1. Debra Dodd says:

    God bless you with his richest blessings and protection! Thank you for going forth to teach these hurting people the Love of God, and the message of salvation! Your rewards will be many, as you rebuild this country with Hope, and faith through the Word of our Loving God and Savior! May you be blessed spiritually, financially,and physically through the Word of our Lord and Savior! 😄Praise God for all that are a part of this ministry! Praying God will pour out his Holy Spirit and Love on all who are involved and all who are receiving from this ministry! God Bless! Debra Dodd

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