Micro Business

One of the most significant ways The Haiti Collective can assist local churches in Haiti is through developing a system in which small businesses can flourish.  To do this, our vision is simple:

1.  Discover products or services that Haitians need, want, and desire
2.  Recruit stateside laborers who are skilled in developing various products and services to start micro business opportunities for Haitian men and women
3.  Train Haitian businessmen and women and gradually delegate the business to them as they become increasingly competent in the administration and promotion of their new business.

Haitian churches cannot sustain themselves if 85-90% of their members are unemployed. As more members are employed and successful in micro business, the more they will be able to support their families as well as the church in which they serve.  They will furthermore be equipped to use their business as a ministry center for gospel outreach.

It is not enough for stateside ministry efforts to stay in relief and recovery mode where the bulk of aid Haitian churches receive are from outside their country. Micro business plays a pivotal role in transitioning from relief to development within the country.  The Haiti Collective plans to host business and entrepreneurial summits with Haitian business leaders to ascertain the greatest opportunities for micro business with actionable goals for the immediate future.

Included in this vision is the sending of mid-term missionaries from the United States who would serve for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time overseeing the development of micro businesses in their field of product development or service industry.  These mid-term missionaries will coordinate efforts with Haitian businessmen in the development of new businesses and training new business leaders in the churches and cities where we are involved.

1 Response to Micro Business

  1. Excellent! It is always better to “teach a man how to fish rather than to just give him a fish.” This vision coincides with ours at iSeedUSA and Selovita; “we help people help themselves”.

    Tim, I’m not sure if you received my emails. I did respond to yours. (I found it last week in my spam box.) If you haven’t received my emails please check your spam box as well. I would love to meet with you soon to discuss ways in which the Lord may lead us to collaborate.

    Hope to speak with you soon.


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