Church Planting

The Haiti Collective is focused on the Great Commission, namely that of making disciples, teaching and training leaders, and helping indigenous covenant communities reproduce themselves in planting churches throughout Haiti.  The role we play stateside is supportive, not essential.  Our desire is to see healthy, gospel-centered churches planted and growing as self-sustaining, self-governing, self-propagating, and self-reproducing outposts of the kingdom.  Our philosophy of planting includes a commitment to indigenous church planting, simple church structures, reproducible systems, scalable leadership development, and a robust commitment to disciple-making of young men.

THC works to help catalyze the work of church planting in Haiti by leveraging resources and training tools for leadership development and theological education so that the next generation of church planters are adequately equipped as a Christian, husband, father, pastor, and missionary.  Under the leadership of Pastor Odanis Joseph who oversees the network of churches in Haiti, regular assessments are made regarding future church planting efforts.

As it stands, there are currently 13 church plants over the past ten years.  Due to the earthquake, much of the attention has been given to the relief and recovery of current churches with the hope of being more aggressive in church planting in the coming years.

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