One of the most significant ways you can invest in Haiti is by supporting gospel-centered pastors.  The Haiti Collective has created an adopt-a-pastor program as a simple vehicle to assist you in connecting, praying, and supporting Haitian pastors and church planters.

Most of the pastors in Haiti are unemployed and are not able to support themselves financially.  The churches they pastor are likewise in a painful financial situation as most of their resources are going to meeting the needs of orphan children and basic supplies (e.g., gas for generators and rent for facilities).

The Adopt-a-Pastor Program via THC hopes to connect hundreds of Haitian pastors with individuals, families, and churches from North America who would like to “adopt” them by pledging prayerful and practical support for their ministries.  The program is simple and has three main components:

(1) Prayer Support

The first component is the most important–prayer.  I can tell you having worked with Haitian pastors several times that they firmly believe in the power of prayer. And they firmly believe in the intercession of others on their behalf.  The Haiti Collective will assist in providing specific prayer points on behalf of the Haitian pastor you adopt, as well as the church they pastor.  This will allow you to also rejoice in the work of God as He moves, answers, and intervenes in their lives!

(2) Theological Education Support

One of the most pressing needs of Haitian pastors is theological education.  While we working to provide a long-term solution to this need, through this program we hope to assist pastors through building their theological library with resources in French and Haitian Creole for their continued learning.  The Haiti Collective will provide the sponsor with a list of resources that can be purchased and delivered to their Haitian pastor in order to build their library and better equip them for their work in gospel ministry. More information about the books and resources will be available in the future.

(3) Practical Training Support

Every year, The Haiti Collective brings the entire network of pastors and church planters together for a one-week conference for practical training and learning together.  The purpose of this week is twofold: a training intense driven by a ministry theme (i.e. gospel-centered ministry, Spirit-filled living, biblically healthy churches, etc.), and a structured time of relaxation and renewal for pastors and their wives.  Many if not most of the pastors will have never been in a hotel in Haiti nor ever experienced a training from seasoned pastors and church planters.  Your “adoption” of a Haitian pastor will simply underwrite the cost of a pastor and his wife to attend for the annual network conference and training.

(4) Pastoral Supplemental Support

Most of the pastors in our network devote themselves to full-time ministerial work without any regular compensation.  They receive financial support from the churches they pastor as they are able, but many of the churches simply do not have the means to pay their pastor.   When I asked our network leader what would be a generous supplemental to support the everyday financial needs of pastors in the network, he said $100 a month “would be wonderful.”  So for $1200 a year, a pastor and his family could know their is provision for their basic necessities.

If you would like to prayerfully consider adopting a pastor in Haiti, we have made it easy for you to choose the way you would like to financially support one here

If you have any questions or comments, please email Tim Brister at timmybrister[a]gmail[dot]com.

6 Responses to Adopt-a-Pastor

  1. I’ve presented this to my pastors… I love the idea. Will be praying.

  2. Phenomenal idea, Tim. We are praying about what we can do. Thank you!

  3. association of pastors for Development Churches in Haiti ( APDEH )71 pastors Port au prince cell 509 3733 3877

  4. we really want to connect with you and we congratulate you for the heart God has gives you for the poor pastors and children in Haiti we never receive some seminar for our pastors

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  6. if someone want to give some money for Haiti, please you send it direcly in this address’ 15060 Petionville Haiti. we receive only the chec or western union. to surport the pastors thans God bless pastor sanousse orelus

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