Libere 2013 | Join the Cause of Caring for Haitian Orphans!

Foundational to our work in Haiti is providing sustainable orphan care through local churches. When we began our work in 2011, we started with developing a food distribution system in Haiti to provide at least two meals a day for nearly 1,600 orphans. Within months of ministering to orphans, we realized that many of the children were becoming sick and hospitalized due to inadequate supply of clean drinking water. Searching for a solution, we connected with Sawyer Filters to implement water purification systems throughout our orphan schools and strategic placements in surrounding communities. To synthesize the work of providing food, water, and education for the orphans, we created what is called the Libere Initiative.

Over the past year, we have been able to provide over one million meals for orphans as well as 130 water purification systems, capable of providing approximately 65,000 gallons of purified water every day of the year. As a result, our orphans are not easily vulnerable to water-born diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery, meaning less hospital emergencies and more opportunity for healthy grow and continued education.

Libere 2013

In 2013, our hope is to have a fully funded orphan care program. Though we were not able to reach our goal last year, we still were able to make a significant difference in the health and vitality of orphans. This year, we hope to take it a step further by also investing in the church-based education of the children as well by strengthening our investment in leadership and practical training of teachers. Together then, the Libere Initiative is all about providing food, clean water, and quality education for all 1,600 orphans under our care.

Libere 2012 Back for WebSo what will it take for us to have a fully funded orphan care program?


That’s right. In one sense, that may sound like a lot of money. But when you consider over one million meals, hundreds of water purification systems, and the investment in church-based education of 1,600 children over the course of an entire year, $65,000 is remarkably small. In fact, it comes down to 10¢ a day for each orphan to be cared for with these three basic/fundamental needs (food, water, education).

How You Can Help

We simply cannot meet this goal by ourselves. We are a small network of churches serving a big God who can meet our every need. But we know God uses means to accomplish His purposes, and those means are people He has entrusted resources, supplies, and money to fuel the mission. Here are some ways you can help!

  1. Pray – ask God to supply us with means to meet this great need
  2. Share – use your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) to introduce this need to others who could join us
  3. Invite – invite your small group, Sunday school class, or church to get involved in caring for orphans in Haiti through Libere 2013
  4. Give – support Libere 2013 by giving financially to help us meet this financial goal

By clicking the “Donate” button above, you can give directly to Libere 2013. If would like to send support via, please make checks out to “Grace Baptist Church – Haiti Collective” and mail to:

The Haiti Collective
P.O. Box 150064
Cape Coral, FL 33915

If you have any questions about Libere 2013, please feel free to contact us at May God be pleased to glorify Himself through our humble efforts to do good to “the least of these” in the needy country of Haiti.

About Timmy Brister

My name is Tim Brister. I am a pastor of Grace Baptist Church (Cape Coral, Florida), founder of the PLNTD Network, director of P2R and the Memory Moleskine, creator of The Haiti Collective, and director of Band of Bloggers. I am happily married to my wife Dusti and the proud father of two little boys.
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