Update: God Has Provided for Our Urgent Need!

Three days ago, I made public an urgent request for one of our churches in Haiti who is being forced out of the building they have used for 10 years without a place to meet.  Our network partnering churches have invested resources into orphan care (food, clean water, and education) as well as theological education of pastors.  At this point, we are not capable of meeting the urgent needs that arise, such as the one that happened last week.

But in God’s kindness, the need has been met.  After plugging this request on Facebook and Twitter, I received several responses–some were folks committing to pray, some inquiring about the need, and others seeking to help financially.  Late Saturday, a dear friend and pastor of Valley View Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, Joel Carwile, emailed to inform me he was going to bring this before his elders and church.  By mid-morning today, I received word that Valley View will be able to generously provide the $2000 we need to acquire the land for the church in Port-de-Paix!  Praise God!

On a side (and personal) note, Pastor Joel was instrumental in my life going back to when I was in the sixth grade.  God used Joel to teach me how to pray, study God’s Word, and develop a healthy devotional life.  More than anything else, that propelled me spiritually in the most formative period of my youth.  Now, some 20 years later, he has led his church to help us with this need. How cool is that?!

The Haiti Collective is simply that.  A collection of churches seeking to invest in local churches and pastors in Haiti by encouraging, supporting, and assisting them in their indigenous work of making disciples, planting churches, and caring for orphans.  The needs we have range from cholera infected orphans to collapsed buildings to training emerging church leaders to “homeless” congregations. We long to bring the hope of the gospel in word and deed to this devastated country, and together, we believe God will transform communities there by the power of the gospel!

Thank you for your interest, prayers, and support! And thank you Valley View and Pastor Joel for meeting this urgent need and God using you to answer our prayers!

About Timmy Brister

My name is Tim Brister. I am a pastor of Grace Baptist Church (Cape Coral, Florida), founder of the PLNTD Network, director of P2R and the Memory Moleskine, creator of The Haiti Collective, and director of Band of Bloggers. I am happily married to my wife Dusti and the proud father of two little boys.
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