Bibles for Haitian Orphans (Update)

What began as a burden of two children in our church for Haitian orphans to have their own Bibles has resulted in a fundraiser bringing in almost $1000!  With this money, we are able to provide 450 Bibles for orphans in Haiti!  These Bibles will be delivered by our mission team heading to Haiti in early January.  We praise God for the wondrous ways He works in the lives of His people!  May God continue to stir the hearts of our children to be used in mighty ways for the spread of the gospel among the nations!


About Timmy Brister

My name is Tim Brister. I am a pastor of Grace Baptist Church (Cape Coral, Florida), founder of the PLNTD Network, director of P2R and the Memory Moleskine, creator of The Haiti Collective, and director of Band of Bloggers. I am happily married to my wife Dusti and the proud father of two little boys.
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